Great Hair Style Ideas for Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair is a very versatile length to work with in creating various looks and styles. In order to create the best styles for medium length hair, there are various tools our hair salon considers. Round brushes are great for creating volume and bounce, as well as smoothing out flyaways. Blow dryers when used in conjunction with a round brush will create the illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair. A comb with a pick at the end is perfect for creating precise parts in the hair in order to achieve sleek styles. A curling iron is great for creating romantic spiral ringlets and curls for that perfect date night look. A flat iron is the “go to” tool for those who want to achieve the look of silky straight locks.

One of the most popular hairstyles for medium length hair is wearing hair in a choppy, textured fashion. To achieve this great look, first spritz hair with a heat styling protectant. Next, part hair with the use of a pick into equal one to two inch sections and pin back. With a flat iron slowly iron out each section and repeat until finished. Once done, apply a dime sized drop of styling pomade to hands and rub together. Evenly distribute out the pomade throughout the hair, focusing on the top layers and at the very ends to create a piecey, dimensional effect.

Another great way to style medium length hair is to play up the natural texture of one’s hair. This great look is very low maintenance and is perfect for those summer days on the beach. To achieve this look, apply a small amount of mousse to damp hair and dry with a blow dryer on low to medium heat. While blow drying, scrunch up the hair from roots to ends, taking care not to overly finger brush. Once hair is dry, spritz a medium hold hairspray lightly in order to maintain waves and texture.

Another hairstyle which is becoming popular is the high pony tail. This great look is perfect for working out, however, with the right accessories it can be dressed up for date night as well. To create a sleek, high ponytail, first apply a penny sized amount of styling pomade, concentrating on the top layers of hair. Brush hair back until it is smooth and free of bumps. Gather hair in the back and continue to brush and smooth it out as you move the length of the hair further up. When the desired height is achieved, secure with a neutral colored hair elastic. To dress up this look for the evening, simply use a beautiful rhinestone accessory to camouflage the hair elastic.

Medium length hair is a versatile length to work with, and can be used to achieve almost any look. With the right styling tools and a little bit of practice, anyone can achieve sleek, chic and sophisticated hairstyles that are perfect for any occaision.