How To Style Short Hair

Women with shorter hair often are at a loss of how to style it. When it gets into problematic lengths in the regrowth process, it can even be harder to get creative and make shorter styles really shine. With this in mind, there are a few things that can really help you get your focus and reinvent a look that might be a little bit tired. It begins with appreciating your hair as it is right now, and working to improve it in subtle ways.

Obviously apart from expensive and often unnatural looking extensions, someone cannot just simply leap from having short hair to having more length. However, there is still plenty of attractive and enticing looks for shorter hair. It really relates to your face type, and what kind of hair is going to look the best with it. Heart shaped faces are not ideal for most short cuts for instance. This is not to suggest that even those with heart shaped faces cannot pull off shorter styles, but they have a lot more work cut out for them than other face types like oval or a round face.

Accessories can be your best friend if you are looking to add a little spice to the look that you might be displeased with. Hair bands are always a solid option, as these are very versatile and can accentuate any outfit that you have through color coordination. Be careful not to be too over the top with these hair accessories, though. Too much and you could be drawing negative attention to your hair.

Flat hair can be a nightmare for shorter styles. Consider seeing a stylist and deducing the potential layered looks or volume that can be added to your do to give you some sexy new edge. Do not be afraid, if you are already committed to a shorter style for one reason or another, to go even shorter and choose a very popular and cute style like a pixie cut.

Of course these are just a few ideas to help you love your hair, even if you are not entirely pleased with it being so short. It might feel like you are limited to few options, but in actuality, many with short hair have all kinds of ways to shine with short hair over those with longer looks.

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