How to Style Wavy Hair

how to style wavy hairWavy hair styles are carefree, fun and best of all easy! Who wants to spend time with a hair dryer blowing their hair straight or ironing their hair when you can leave it wavy, especially since the use of heat on your hair can leave it dry and prone to split ends.

Styling your wavy hair begins when it is wet. I always apply a leave in conditioner. If you prefer drugstore shopping, I love Garnier leave in conditioner. It smells great and leaves your hair silky. A higher end option is Kiehls Conditioner and Hair Grooming Aid Special Formula 133. After applying leave in conditioner, I like to add in about a quarter size amount of a wave enhancing product.

Once your product is applied evenly, braid your hair when it is wet. If you want larger waves, make one large braid and keep it loose. If you prefer a wavier look, consider braiding your hair into two or three sections. It’s best to sleep in the braid. In the morning, carefully unbraid your hair and apply an anti-frizz product and off you go.

Another option for wavy hair is the use of pin curls. Begin with leave in conditioner and wave enhancing product, but section your hair into thin parts, about the thickness of one finger. Coil each section and pin to the top of your hair with bobby pins. If you have time, let your hair air dry this way. I prefer to use a blow dryer with a diffuser attached and lightly dry my hair with the pins in my hair. Once your hair is dry, gently remove the bobby pins. You may want to add some hair spray to keep the waves, or an anti-frizz serum. Biosilk make a great hair smoother, but often you can only buy it at salons.

If your hair is naturally wavy, often you can maintain the waves with just some product and good old fashion scrunching. For a beachy look, apply beach product. Bumble and Bumble have a few options, as does Oribe. For tighter waves, use a curl enhancing product, my favorite is Moroccan oil crunch cream. Do not towel dry your hair after washing it, rather, apply the product, flip your hair over and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. As your hair is drying, add in anti-frizz to keep your hair free of fly sway.

Of course, you can also get great waves by setting your hair with jumbo steam rollers. The use of heat and steam can create really great smooth waves. Or, you can use a large curling iron and starting from the tips of you hair curl upwards.

So many great options for creating beautiful waves! If you need help styling your wavy hair contact our hair salon today!